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Wood Bat Poll Results

Number of Responses: 107
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Last Update 7/31/2018
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1. I prefer wood bats over metal bats. 50
2. Wood bats should be mandatory year-round. 48
3. I prefer metal bats over wood bats. 24
4. Metal bats should be optional year-round. 17
5. Wood bats should be mandatory at selected times. 23
Selected Comments

I just got out of high school and am much more comfortable swinging metal. I get that there's a beauty in swinging wood, and I agree that there should be times when wood is mandatory. I get that metal would give some an unfair advantage, but the advantage is merely 10-15 extra feet on your hit. And the disadvantages of wood are unfortunately pretty big - busting bats sucks and new ones cost upward of $100. And personally, I got a contusion in my thumb when I got jammed while ...

I prefer hitting with wood but playing the outfield in an all wood league is boring as f@#k.

I like the wood bat/metal bat combo for the 2 games!

It brings the game back down to its roots......bunt, steal, hit-n-run....force the action. The small ball game is fun....wood bats also make home runs more special. It brings more precision to the game. Everyone stays safer.

Wood bats are fun to play with, but it definitely takes away the long ball game at this level.

Metal bats changed the game of baseball. Don't change something that's perfect.

At least pick one or the other.

Wood bats bring the game back to its truest form. Metal bats give hitters a false sense of security in thinking they are going to get a good hit. When you use a wood bat, you have to learn and condition yourself to hit well. Then when you do get a good hit, you feel that the work has paid off. My ideal league would be a nationwide ban on the use of METAL bats for the MSBL and the switch to wood forever. Regardless of comments, polls, debates, I will continue to use wood.

I think wood is the way to go. Once you learn how to hit with a wood bat again, they last for a long time. I'm still using the one from last summer. Did anyone notice the new Easton metal bat that is selling for over $300? That's a lot of wood.

Wood bats are the only bats that should be used.

I lived in Spokane from 1975 until 2002 when I moved to Japan, I now play year around on 2 different teams.

Wood bats even the playing field for the pitchers. They aren't throwing as hard as they used to and it's getting harder to get people out. Inflated batting averages, high scores and long games are the result.

The Trail game where they used wood showed the difference between the two and made the game more competitive in my opinion. Editor's note: exibition game between INMBL players and Canadian team from Trail, B.C. held summer 2003.

We all want the aid of metal bats to improve our hitting stats, but the concern for safety given our reaction times which slow with age and elevated speed of balls hit with metal bats is more important in my opinion.

It's fun playing with wood bats.

I think metal bats should be used during the summers, and if it worked this year use the fall league for wood bats. I think you guys would have a drop off of players if you chose to have a wood bat only league year round.

The wood bats are fun. It's a nice test and it brings a little honesty to the game. But in cases like Darrin Duty, I think not only should we have metal bats, but he should have to back up 10 feet. If we have to face him using wood bats, he should throw right handed. :-) My only concern of going to wood bats really, is the consistant price of replacing them. Maybe if we could get a price break from Brett Bros., that may settle the entire problem.

Loved playing fall ball with wood bats.

I like wood. Scores are lower. Wood requires better mechanics. Pure baseball. It is also safer.

I didn't play in the fall, but I prefer metal bats to wood. Cost is one thing to take into account. If we are trying to be as pure as possible, then wood bats would be the best choice. If purity of the game is not that important, then go with metal. One last thing would be are the metal bats a safety issue or not?

Wood bats would make a better game. It would also restore the way the game was intended to be played. There is nothing like the sound of a wood bat hitting a baseball.

Fall league is probably sufficient, unless there is an overwhelming majority.

Wood bats could make for a very expensive season.

As a new player to the league with very little experience, I liked the idea of wood bats in the fall and metal bats in the summer. My bat barely lasted the 5 games we played, so I think the cost could increase if more games were played with a wood bat.

Using a wood bat makes the game feel more traditional to me ("the way it was meant to be," so to speak). But, I'd be the first to admit I hit "better" with an aluminum bat. I don't mind the wood bat format for fall and would play again.

Wood bats could be expensive if alot are broken. I would like to play with wood bats.

I didn't see many broken bats in the fall. That expense may be lower than expected.

There is nothing like the sound or feel of a wood bat. I think that using wood bats would add a lot of charisma to the league.

I like the idea of keeping the game as traditional as possible. I like the mandatory use of wood bats.

I would like to see the league move to wood bats for the summer as well.

The only reason I strongly disagreed was because I broke three bats this fall, two were mine. I enjoyed getting back to pure baseball. Just expensive.

I hate wood bats.

First of all, it's very expensive when you consider you break at least 1 bat a game and also, it makes the game a little more dull when you're not getting as much action in the field because it's harder to hit with wood bats. On the other hand, it keeps the game a little more even and also keeps it real!

I don't play in your league, but played with the Reds in Arizona last year. I'm in the Boston MSBL and we switched to wood this past year. It was a close vote to get the wood the first time. After our first year with wood, the games were more competitive and took less time to play. The vote for this upcoming year was heavily in favor of the wood again. Composite bats are allowed. They are coming down in price and last longer than plain wood bats.

I like the separate season and it might improve our Fall ball season for the purists in our league. We should also go back to 7-inning double headers for Fall ball (with wood bats).

If baseball was supposed to be played with metal bats, then the pros would use them.

Wooden bats should never be mandatory. I feel that Major League Baseball should opt for metal bats. Can you imagine if professional football players still wore leather helmets because that is what they started with?

I think we should use wood bats all the time. It would be more fun. Some metal bats give people more power at the plate than they would have otherwise.

The game was meant to be played with a stick of wood, not metal.

I've play in the North County San Diego league and we just completed a whole year of wood bats and it was great. We split the league up into Wood and Metal. The wood division was tight down to the end but the Metal division was a run away. Yes there were alot of broken bats but you learn how to hit them and that expensive doesn't mean good quality. Hey Marty Barret this Andre(Doc) from the Red Sox. The Wood bat teams, once we learned how to hit them, beat the Metal bat teams on a regular basis.

Wood bats are cheaper than the $250 metal bats. They sound better. Plus its how the game was played when it was good.


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